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If you but knew NOW the tremendous Power lying dormant, but potential, within You, you would not hesitate

to bend every effort to unloose It

in your life and affairs.




Enjoy now a

 free trial of my Autosuggestion course,

to awaken your mind´s potential 

by learning how to easily re-program your subconscious mind

in order to manifest the life
that you truly want

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Imagine experiencing new states of consciousness

that reflect the fullness and well-being that you long for.

Imagine that your fears and insecurities dissipate.

Imagine that that which you have decided to autosuggest yourself with

starts happening in your life.

Imagine the excitement and sense of fulfillment that you would experience.





As we were locked down, a part of my business stopped.

I decided to suggest myself into a steady, reliable income. Not only I did not lose anything: in only one month my business grew a 40% and I gained quality time in my life. I was working less, making more money.


I begun experiencing new states of prosperity consciousness and new ideas popped up in my mind that, when I implemented them, took me to that stable 40% business growth. 

I have practiced and taught the power of creative thinking, visualization and positive affirmations for more than 30 years, and I must say that I am in awe at how effective autosuggestion is. I have never seen such immediate results with any other technique or course, including hypnosis. 

Your Subconscious Mind holds your beliefs system,

your beliefs influence your decisions and your decisions take you

to the circumstances that you are living.


The fastest, most effective method to effectively re-program your beliefs

in your Subconscious Mind is Autosuggestion.

I taught my students how to autosuggest themselves. I was impressed at witnessing

how fast and easily they attained their dreams.


This is why I know that you too can suggest yourself and re-program your subconsciousness to feel abundant, to live in peace, to develop self-confidence, to expand your business or to enjoy harmonious relationships. You can program your Subconscious Mind into anything you decide

that you want to live.

You can successfully make the Law of Attraction

bring into your life that which is important to you.


You can steer the rudder of your life with auto-suggestion:

It won't take a minute of your day,

and it's absolutely effective.

And above all: you can become a much happier and a more fulfilled person.


But in order to achieve all this, there is a knowledge

that you need to acquire and implement.


Enjoy now a

 free trial of 7 classes of my Autosuggestion course:

Familia feliz en la naturaleza


My students who practice auto-suggestion tell me that the financial improvements

they wanted have finally happened,

and that family conflicts that for years needed to be harmonized have found ease,

all in the midst of this pandemic.



Hi! I'm Marta Martin.

I am the author of “You can heal yourself Reiki”, "Ciencia Mental" and “Un jardín más allá del Paraíso” a Rumi poetry book. I am also the Founder of My Spiritual Spa, as well as the Abhaya Personal Development School, both established in Spain and offering worldwide online classes.

Professionally, I worked in New York State as the Editorial Director of an international course on meditation and personal development; In New York I studied meditation and Eastern philosophies for seven years and was trained in various alternative therapies.


I have over 30 years of experience in personal development focused on implementation and results, based in ancient Schools of Wisdom from Tibet and India. Thousands of students around the world have taken my courses.


My need to find my own spiritual balance led me to live in an ashram (a monastery) where I could find the answers to all my questions about life and my role in it.

I found the meaning of life


I was able to transform my insecurities into personal strength and my negative thinking into joy.

I learned how to be the creator of my own reality!

This is why I want to teach others

that they could live the life they want

when they implement personal development methods

that produce results.

I have never seen results
like the ones Autosuggestion offers

After years of teaching and practicing

the power of the mind and creative visualization,

Autosuggestion blows my mind

My students used Autosuggestion to accomplish all of this:

A resounding success in the expansion of her yoga business, multiplying by 4 the number of students when she launched her online teaching. Ana suggested herself with her professional success.


She also enjoys high quality time with her family, something that she had been wanting for so long.

All of this happened in the middle of the pandemic.

Maria improved her self-esteem, self-respect and the gradual disappearance of the tendency to mentally punish herself and of overeating, by autosuggesting herself in self-love and appreciation of herself.

Alba finally experienced an organic distancing from a conflictive person in her life by suggesting herself in deserving respect for herself, which resulted in her enjoying a greater harmony and well-being.

Mercedes enjoyed a greater income in her business in the middle of the pandemic, after wanting this for years.


She suggested herself with prosperity and stopped practicing thoughts of worry and uncertainty, which had kept her experiencing some form of lack.

Chica con los brazos estirados

Autosuggestion is designed to teach you how to live your life from your potential so that your life fulfills you, and you open yourself to receive all the good things that you so much deserve.

mujer durmiente

You decide what to suggest yourself with. You will practice autosuggestion while you sleep, so you don't need use time from your day.

Mujer sonriendo

New ideas will rain on you. You will enjoy new states of consciousness charged with the feeling of already being or having what you want, so that Law of Attraction can attract it to your life.

pestañas largas

You will re-program and re-educate your subconscious mind in a positive way, to live a fulfilled life.

Ojos y cejas

You will be able to help your loved ones develop positive beliefs for their happiness, joy and success.

Niña que miente en hierba

The Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction will constructively work, gathering all elements needed for you to be living the life that you truly want

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I will support you  through email as well as a FB group, for your autosuggestions to be perfectly written and effective.

You will be able to eternally access the content of this course.


You are one click away

From awakening the power

that lies dormant within your mind

Try 7 free lessons now

of my Autosuggestion course:

Marta Payerpaj I.png

I wanted to thank you for all the greatness of your work. I worked on abundance and it has been just wonderful. I finally sold my house! I am now renting an apartment that is so close to my children's school, and this makes my life a lot easier. My past financial struggles are now gone.

Working with you has been fantastic for many reasons.


Many times, I have thought of writing to you to tell you about this, to thank you, but I imagined that you probably have many people to respond to because this work is really fabulous.

- Marta Sánchez. Literature Teacher.


The explanations and knowledge that you share are incredible. You are amazing, I am telling you this from the bottom of my heart. You don't know how glad I am that I found you. I am super grateful to you, to the Universe that has given this to me, and to me, of course, ha ha! Because I work so much on my personal development.


- Ana

I set the goal of obtaining a job position through a very specific and complicated exam. My difficult personal and working situation made it seem completely impossible to me that I could get that job

and I felt totally disempowered.


So, desperate and hopeless as I was, I tried this. What could I lose?


I saw myself already working in the position, even calling Marta to tell her: “Marta, it was practically impossible for me to get the job. But it turns out that I got it and it is even better than I could have ever imagined, because something extraordinary has happened."


And so, it was! Although the process was very hard and complicated, I would have never imagined that in addition to getting the long-awaited position, I would have the possibility of working from home and enjoying a freedom that I would have never dreamed of.


So, next time, I will see myself achieving the result that I want in a simple and pleasant way. Motivation is important, but leaving the door open for wonderful things to happen is already a completely credible option for me.

- Maria

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The improvement that you are looking for must happen in your mind first 

Copyright 2022 Marta Martin. All rights reserved.

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